sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010

Byron Bay


What can I say?
In a holiday in Byron Bay
Walking alone,
I just hear the song
A bass and guitar,
Not so far,
Ok, I came into the bar
Drinking my beer,
I found in a table near
Saw, Like, Thought

What can I say?
In my holiday
A beautifull girl
Crossing my way

We spend the night
And talk a lot
And I think to myself
“Oh boy, jackpot”
I said “see you soon”
She said me good bye
Can't see you anymore
I'm sorry, so sad
I'm closing the door
I walk along
Enjoying my pain
But suddenly in the fone
“Want, See, Again”

What can I say?
Is my luck day
Changing her mind
She'll see me again

Her name is Elly
And, man, she is cool
With beautiful eyes
In yellow and blue
She is realy my partner
I know she is my mate
In the way to the haven
I found my gate
She took my hart
I gave her my soul
But I realize,
Is time to go
I get so sad
Going so far away
But she solve my problem
Go, Come back, Stay

What can I say?
Wonderful day
She ask me to stay with her in Byron Bay

What can I say?
I just say “ok”
I'll stay here with her in Byron Bay

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